The Wanderer - Status Quo 
Sunday, 4 March, 2018, 05:57 - Singles Of The 1980s
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Cover Artwork Remix of Status Quo The Wanderer Original Cover Artwork of Status Quo The Wanderer Status Quo are one of the most remixed artists here at AllBum.Art. They seem to have a big fan base among our British visitors who send us lots of cover artwork they have worked on. This one comes from Mark Hudson who tells us that the original cover for The Wanderer, though it shows a guitar case that a wanderer might carry, doesn't show us who the wanderer is. On the remix we find a babe wandering off down the street. But not only has she forgotten her guitar, but all her clothes too. Thanks Mark - keep them coming (if there are any Status Quo songs left that haven't yet been remixed). Amble!
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