We Ride - Rihanna 
Friday, 16 February, 2018, 05:29 - Singles Of The 2000s
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Cover Artwork Remix of Rihanna We Ride Original Cover Artwork of Rihanna We Ride An unusual thing here, because here is a remix for Rihanna and her song We Ride. Unusual, because we have already remixed this cover back in July 2013 but we just felt it deserved a double dose (either that or we forgot we had already done it...) On the original front cover artwork of the single, we find Ms Fenty looking cheerful in a purple dress but no sign of any riding of any kind going on. On the remixed cover artwork, we find three babes out riding on their bikes. For some reason known only to them, they have gone riding in protective knee pads, but only lingerie to keep them warm. Maybe it was a hot day. It is now!
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