Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Fox In The Snow - Belle And Sebastian

[img=images/belle-sebastian-fox-in-the-snow-1.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/belle-sebastian-fox-in-the-snow-remix.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150][img=images/belle-sebastian-fox-in-the-snow-remixx.jpg popup=true width=150 height=150]
A triple-play from us here at AllBum.Art in the form of two remixes of the cover of The Fox In The Snow by Belle And Sebastian. On the original cover we find a fox, in the snow. Full marks for that. On the first remix we also find a fox in the snow, or a tiger, or cougar, depending on your outlook. The second remix is the fault of Simon in our accounts department. Often, when we remix songs, we listen to them to get a feel for what they are about. Simon is a bit deaf and instead of hearing 'fox in the snow' he heard 'f*cks in the snow', and so the second remix is for Simon and anyone else who is a little shallow in the hearing department. Eh?