When I Kissed The Teacher - ABBA 

Wednesday, 17 February, 2016, 05:03 - Single Covers, Singles Of The 1970s, High Heels, Not Safe For Work
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Cover Artwork Remix of Abba When I Kissed The Teacher Original Cover Artwork of Abba When I Kissed The Teacher Yet another remix for those Swedish songsters ABBA - in fact we have done so many remixes of their cover artwork that we could have dedicated a whole week to them. On the original front cover of When I Kissed The Teacher we find the band members sitting at a dining table enjoying a class of wine with a meal. Where's the teacher? Is this an educational establishment? On the remix we find a situation where poor Jonny is about to kiss his teacher. Why? She is posing naked on her classroom desk. Easy to see how that could happen. Blackboard!
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