Rosie - Don Partridge 

Cover Artwork Remix of Don Partridge Rosie Original Cover Artwork of Don Partridge Rosie It's always nice to welcome a new guest contributor. Phil Darnall of England sent us this remix of Rosie by Don Partridge. Phil tells us that the ‘bird’ (partridge pun there) in the remix is a woman called Rosemarie that he used to date and who was into many kinks so being
shackled between two trees in a church style pose whilst being flayed with sprigs of rosemary in a paddock is right up her lane.

Phil tells us that his friend Martin rose to the occasion of helping with the remix. We aren’t sure if Martin was the photographer, the unseen herb flayer, the pose consultant, the shackler or just rose in some other undefined way, but thanks for the remix all the same Phil. Spicy!
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