It Keeps Rainin' (Tears From My Eyes) - Bitty Mclean 

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Cover Artwork Remix of Bitty Mclean It Keeps Rainin Original Cover Artwork of Bitty Mclean It Keeps Rainin A reggae song about rain. On the one hand, it does rain a lot in the Caribbean, being tropical and all. On the other, keeping raining does not make a good tourist advertisement for the region. So kudos to Bitty Mclean for his song It Keeps Rainin' (Tears From My Eyes) for balancing out these contradictory confabulations. The only problem - the cover of his single shows no rain. The remix, however, does show rain and continues the contradictory confabulations by having both the damp, dismalness of the rain and the delightful delicacy of a babe who is clearly very, very, soggy. Damp!
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