I Got You Babe - UB40 Featuring Chrissie Hynde 
Sunday, 9 November, 2014, 05:52 - Singles Of The 1980s
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Cover Artwork Remix of Ub40 Chrissie Hynde I Got You Babe Original Cover Artwork of Ub40 Chrissie Hynde I Got You Babe Another two-in-a-row but this time not two from the same band, but two songs with the same title. More than that, it's the same song! This version of I Got You Babe is by UB40 Featuring Chrissie Hynde and as for the original cover of the single, what is there to be said. It does not show the artist and it does not show who is getting who. The remix does as it becomes clear that this time it is a police officer who is doing the getting and the babe he has got is being arrested because, it seems, she was displaying her boobs in public. Pointed!
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