Hot N Cold - Katy Perry 

Original Cover Artwork of Katy Perry Hot N Cold Of course! How could anyone be so stupid! Except us perhaps. What the hell has a picture of Katy Perry talking to a piece of fruit got to do with Hot N Cold? And by piece of fruit, it's not just the banana that's pictured in this version of the cover. Oh, no! There's other versions of the cover where she is talking to a piece of watermelon, a large red apple and even the rare Bonson fruit from southern Korea that only grows once every thirteen years on a Friday. The only explanation is that the fruit had been stored in a refrigerator, or maybe even a freezer, and then had been rapidly heated in a microwave such that elements of it were hot and others cold. If that is the case (and it seems most likely), surely the addition of 'stink lines' to equate to steam rising, as well as a few icicles, would have made the situation much the clearer.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Katy Perry Hot N Cold The remixed cover makes no such additional adornments necessary. What is going on here is clear for all to see. What we have is a sexy babe who is hot. The fact that she seems prepared to flash her naked body to the world makes her even more hot. But wait. She is standing in a very snowy scene. There is snow as far as the eyes can see. This can only mean one thing: It's cold. So add 2 to 2 and what do you get. In this case 4, where 4 means a girl who is both hot, and cold. If Ms Perry wishes to learn the subtle art of making covers for her future singles, then perhaps she could learn a lot from the girl on this cover. Speaking openly, we would be happy to learn whatever it was she is teaching. How's about you?

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