Are You Ready For Love - Patsy Gallant 
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Original Cover Artwork of Patsy Gallant Are You Ready Here's something of an anomaly, a singer from Canada that isn't either Mr Adams or Mr Buble. In fact it's not a Mr at all, but the shapely 70s figure of Patsy Gallant. The cover of her single (and album) Are You Ready For Love is even more unusual for a Canadian piece of artwork as it doesn't depict either snow or mounties (those police on horses), both of which it is well known that Canada leads the world in, though it is close to being beaten for snow by the Russian state of Siberia. Ms Gallant is wearing a fetching red dress on the cover which is blowing about to reveal her matching red panties and her high heel red sandals. Now if only the wind would blow a bit harder...

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Cover Artwork Remix of Patsy Gallant Are You Ready They (whoever 'they' are) say that you should be careful what you wish for in case it comes true. As it turns out, no mention of a wish was made, but it might be easy to see why the statement 'now if only the wind would blow a bit harder...' might be taken to indicate some desire for the dress to be raised even higher to see what might be revealed. Thankfully in this remixed cover, no such breeze-based enhancements are required as it appears the girl who has replaced Ms Gallant has already lost her dress. And her panties. And her bra too, or so it would seem. At least she still has her high heel shoes. That must be quite a comfort to her.

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