Angels - Robbie Williams 

Original Cover Artwork of Robbie Williams Angels No. Sorry. Don't understand a word of it. The e-mail that arrived with this remixed cover comes from, apparently, someone calling themself Tabbo of Manchester in England. Tabbo says he knows about this site and then says:
Youze aarn't fekk'n doddlin' it reet.

Aarn't it indeed? Well rather than leave you with the rest of Tabbo's musings on Mr William's and his cover, instead the original is presented here for your reference. According to Tabbo:
Hezz fekk'n twat haircut is shite.

Click for the full-size image [600px by 600px].

Cover Artwork Remix of Robbie Williams Angels What a relief to find that Tabbo's work on remixing the cover in the AllBum.Art style has yielded something that is both a vast improvement over the original picture of Mr Williams, but is also comprehensible. Given the rest of the 'tripe' spoken by Tabbo, you might have expected his remixed single cover for Angels to have been some drug crazed nonsense. But instead it shows two picturesque angels. It is often said that drugs brings out the best in people, at least by drug addicts if no-one else. Though not even Tabbo would be bold enough to make that statement. He can have the last word:
Themz fekk'n birds is bang-up dolly-mix

Whatever that means...

Click for the full-size image [600px by 600px].

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