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Original Cover Artwork of U2 Angel Of Harlem Ah, 1988, what a year. It was the year that came before 1989 and the year that came after 1987. And even more interestingly, it was the year that U2 released the single Angel Of Harlem. What many people do not recognize is that if you take all of the letters in Angel Of Harlem, and add them together (using their position in the alphabet as a number), then square this number, it doesn't add up to 1988. The subliminal message in the song comes from this cover which, on the face of it, is incredibly boring. What on earth were they thinking about. Since when has a bored looking guy sat around in morbid black and white had anything to do with either angels or Harlem. Maybe that's the point. Or maybe there isn't a point.

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Cover Artwork Remix of U2 Angel Of Harlem What this cover needs is a damned good, yes damned good, remix. Harlem is one of those up-and-coming aspirational districts where stuff is happening. So let's make the cover aspirational and up-and-coming. Gone is the bored looking guy, and in his place is a hot looking angel. What's it got to do with U2. Nothing particularly but does that really matter. Surely Bono and his buddies would approve of this angel who, it has to be said, if she had been on the original cover, would probably have catapulted this single from the obscurity of number 14 in the hot 100, to the dizzy heights of number 12, or even number 11.

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