I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry 

Original Cover Artwork of Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl What a can of worms is opened up by Katy Perry in her 2008 song I Kissed A Girl. Not since the blatant lesbianism in the video for All The Things She Said by Russian teen group t.A.T.u. has the subject of girl on girl love made it to the Hot 100. Ms Perry's take on the issue is simply that the fact that the girl she kissed had put cherry flavoured chapstic on her lips made it alright. It is true though, is it not, that if someone has put chapstic on their lips, either it is a cold winter's day or they have sore lips, or both. So it may not have been such a good move and it's difficult to see how the cherry flavor would have made the whole situation anything less than awkward.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Katy Perry I Kissed A Girl What is lacking from the artwork for the original cover of the single is any evidence that this kissing of girls has taken place. Ms Perry is standing alone. In the remixed cover, a shot from a scene where such kissing has taken place (quite feasibly for the very first time) has become the backdrop. Two girls, taking a tentative kiss at a crowded party are shown. Whether either of them is using a chapstic or other wax based lip protectant is not evidenced from the picture. Nor is there any obvious evidence that either girl liked it, though there is evidence that they probably like each other, and that the party has been going for quite some time as they appear to have stripped from their waists upwards.

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