Venus - The Shocking Blue 

Original Cover Artwork of The Shocking Blue Venus Very little dating back to the 1960s retains any feel of modernness in today's fast changing society. That being the case, it is refreshing to find a female lead singer whose attire and style still looks as funky and sexy as it did nearly 50 years ago. The lead singer of Shocking Blue who are best known for this 1969 single Venus is called Mariska Veres. Mr Veres (who is from Holland) looks rather cute in an Emo kind of way on the cover of the single. The same cannot be said for the other members of the band who look as dated as anyone in any pictures from the era. The rest of the cover is, well, blue, which is kind of to be expected. What it is not, in any way, is shocking.

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Cover Artwork Remix of The Shocking Blue Venus Not only does Ms Veres look sexy on the original cover, but in this remixed cover she looks even sexier. The remixed cover would have no doubt been shocking in the 1960s, except perhaps in Holland where nudity and blue movies appeared to be quite normal, or at least that is the impression that you get from anyone who has ever been to Amsterdam. It is good to have been able to remix this cover with the original artists intact, but to have added something new - in this case the shocking element. As for the Venusian element, that will have to remain untapped for now but there is always the possibility of a remixed remix of the cover of the single in the future.

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