AWB - Average White Band 

Original Cover Artwork of Average White Band Another of those funky disco bands from the 1970s, the Average White Band really hit the pits when all they could come up with for the name of an album was AWB. And the cover of the album is even less inventive. It just comprises the name of the band, together with their logo. One thing of merit, if anything, is that their logo replaces the letter 'W' with what is obviously meant to be the curvy rear view of a naked lady. Unfortunately, the lady has her back turned so that we cannot see any more of her. That, and the fact that the lady in question has been drawn with a pencil makes the whole thing very lacking in anything but pit hit shit.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Average White Band How simple it is to remix the album art and return it to the kind of glory that should have shone through in the first place. All that is required is the re-addition of the original female using photographic reproduction rather than a pencil drawing done by a drunken Canadian teenager. As this remixed cover shows, the lady in question fits perfectly within the curves of the 'W' and although her back is still turned, and she is facing away from the camera, the sense of sexiness is massively enhanced from the original. Now AWB no longer stands for Average White Band, but shouts 'Ass With Bumnificence' or maybe just 'AWsome Bum'.

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