Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - Baccara 

Original Cover Artwork of Baccara Yes Sir Those halcyon disco days of the 1970s provide an almost inexhaustible supply of single covers that verge on the sexy but don't quite make it. This cover from Baccara's 1976 single Yes Sir, I Can Boogie shows the two singers from the band standing next to each other. In true doesn't-quite-make-it fashion, they are wearing relatively skimpy matching black and white dresses which fall down over their bodies in just the wrong way to allow any of the underlying shape to be seen. A secondary failure of this cover is that they are not boogying but just standing around looking almost sexy. A poor attempt that could have been sexified with just a little of extra thought, and a little less material.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Baccara Yes Sir The remixed cover deals with some of these failures. Gone are the two original 70's honeys, replaced by two alternative ladies from roughly the same era whose idea of dancewear, whilst remaining largely monochrome, is rather different in it's make-up (as is their make-up too). Overall, the amount of material in their outfits is probably not a lot different, but it is shaped and placed in such a way as to reveal the underlying shape of the wearer. And it seems as if the girl on the right is having trouble as the girl on the left appears to be having to hold her dress in place. Surely Sir could do that for them, in return for a boogie?

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