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Original Cover Artwork of Erotica Madonna Another cover taken from the time when Ms Ciccone was publicly into getting naughty. This is the cover from Madonna's 1992 album Erotica which was published alongside a book called Sex. The book contained many photos of Ms Ciccone in many states of dress and undress. The album cover on the other hand, does not. That being said, the fact that the cover of the album only shows the facial features of Ms Ciccone is not conclusive evidence that she is wearing clothes, but neither is it a dead cert that she is. The pictures in the book left no such question unanswered and included a picture of Ms Ciccone hitch-hiking naked on a busy city street.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Erotica Madonna It only seems right that the remixed version of this cover should replay this particular photograph from Ms Ciccone's book Sex. And here she is, standing at the edge of a road, wearing nothing but a pair of heels (and a handbag) and sticking her thumb out to request some passing motorist to give her a lift. The concept of naked hitch-hiking is not unique to Ms Ciccone. It has been said that it is by far one of the best ways to ensure that a girl gets the lift that she desires. It has been known to cause problems though, both by distracting drivers who drive past, as well as causing extreme distraction to the driver who eventually gives the girl a lift. So shame on you Ms Ciccone for promoting such potentially dangerous activities.

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