Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen 

Original Cover Artwork of Bruce Springsteen Born In The Usa An all American classic like Apple Pie and July the 4th, Born In The USA is an 80's classic of its own by Bruce Springsteen. The cover for the single is relatively minimalist but almost has the essentials. Firstly, Mr Springsteen is pictured, in full rock-star electric guitar playing style. You can almost hear the chord that he is strumming. He is set against a red, white and blue backdrop that isn't totally dissimilar to the old star spangled banner itself. The main difference being the stars which have been replaced by the title of the song itself. 4 out of 5 perhaps? (Incidentally, you can rate any of the pictures by clicking the blobs at the bottom of each entry).

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Original Cover Artwork of Bruce Springsteen Born In The Usa Remix Achieving a remix of this cover was never going to be easy. It's like remixing the white house. For starters you can't take away the red, white and blueness, that would just be plain wrong. But what can be done is to remix Mr Springsteen himself. So instead of his rock-star physique he has been replaced by a physique of a different type. Yes, Mr Springsteen has been replaced by a sexy all-American cheerleader type wearing a patriotic bikini. Though there is only one of her, she is clearly a shining star thereby putting the stars back into the spangled banner. She is an American model who is, it is true to say, is born in the USA. God bless America!

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