Superstition - Stevie Wonder 

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Original Cover Artwork of Stevie Wonder Superstition As the classic 1970s guitar kicks in you prepare yourself for some proper 70's funk. That marks the introduction to this classic from Stevie Wonder from 1972. Superstition is one of those songs that gets people a-twistin' and a-groovin' on dancefloors even today. The cover, on the other hand, is almost totally dismal in comparison. Just a silhouette of Mr Wonder, his name and the title of the song (which is in a font so large that it doesn't even fit across the cover). The use of an =equals= sign to hyphenate the word is odd. Nothing particularly superstitious about it though.

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Original Cover Artwork of Stevie Wonder Superstition Remix A classic such as this doesn't need that much of a remix. But rather than leave Mr Wonder on his own, we've brought along a couple of sexy girls to dance behind him. They are silhouetted too, but seem to be wearing very little and may even be naked. Unfortunately asking Mr Wonder what they were wearing is a little pointless, and unless they happened to make a lot of noise whilst a-groovin' then Mr Wonder may not even have realized that they were present. Then again, maybe they came and sat on his lap (in the presence of such funk royalty it is only to be expected) in which case he will be able to tell us much more about them!

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