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Original Cover Artwork of Fragma Embrace What do we have here? An attractive blonde, squatting down, in a pretty dress in some kind of ragged yet picturesque blue-washed area. How this relates to the title of the album or the cover is totally unknown. The blonde in question does not even appear to be the singer for Fragma's 2002 album Embrace so perhaps they just used a mildly sexy picture to try and improve sales of the album. Also, quite possibly, it is intended to attract the kind of club DJs who would play the kind of music that Fragma make. Whatever the reason, it fails the two primary tests of a good cover in that it does not feature the band, nor does it in any way reflect the title of the album.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Fragma Embrace The original cover dates from 2002 and the blonde girl pictured on it will now be over 10 years older. And guess what... there is a more up-to-date picture of her available on the Internet. As such this is less of a remixed or remade cover and more of a straightforward update. The other thing that has changed is that the blue-washed area is now a sight more derelict than it was, and some of it has actually collapsed revealing a wild green area behind. There is one other change, and that is that the pretty dress that was originally being worn has, over the intervening years, evaporated (as such dresses have a tendency to do) leaving the lady wearing nothing more than her shoes. To protect her embarrassment at this unfortunate deterioration in her situation, she had has to embrace her greater embarrassment with her hands. So the picture at least now has some connection with the name of the album. It is to be hoped that she manages to find some other work to keep her busy soon, before the whole area is demolished to make way for some new expressway or skyscraper.

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With thanks to Bart for the tip off on this one.
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