Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard 

Original Cover Artwork of Cliff Richard Summer Hoilday Another fanmade cover for us to showcase. This time from Tim Marshall of Nottingham, England... We're all going on a Summer Holiday, or at least that's what Cliff Richard has us repeating everytime the sun comes out. This cover from the 1963 single (and film of the same name) has Mr Richard standing on a beach, and he appears to be singing. Is he on holiday? Unlikely, because if he was, the chances are he wouldn't be standing singing whilst someone took his picture. Is it summer? Difficult to tell, but let's give Mr Richard the benefit of the doubt on that. Are we all going with him? No. Nice try Mr Richard but a better lure is required to convince the world to go on a summer holiday to wherever it is you were at the time.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Cliff Richard Summer Holiday What is little know about the beaches in British holiday resorts in the 1960s is that they were rife with nudists. In fact, during the summer months, the whole British coastline was one great big nudist camp. This is one of the reasons that the foreign holiday business began to grow as reserved families were forced to take their children overseas to get away from the views of danging male gonads that flapped about wherever you looked. It was probably this propensity for nakedness that makes Mr Richard's song so cheerful and why he is so upbeat about going on a summer holiday. In the remixed cover we see a typical photograph taken on a British beach in the 1960s. It's just a shame that the scorn poured by other countries on British humor such as Benny Hill as forced the country to revise its laws so that nudity on British beaches no longer produces endless pictures of this calibre.

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Thanks Tim, keep those remixes coming.
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