War - Edwin Starr 

Original Cover Artwork of Edwin Starr War As with the remixed cover of I Shot The Sheriff, here is yet another cover remix inspired by a picture rather than by the song or the original cover artwork. One look at the remixed version will, without question have you going 'War, huh... what is it good for?' But first to the original cover from 1970. In it's colourized orange hue we see Mr Starr looking, if truth is told, a bit grumpy. The only other addition is the title of the song (and the B-side just for good measure) and of course Mr Starr's name (together with a sticker proclaiming the monotonacity of the recording). Boring? Wake me up when the needle gets to the middle of the disc or when stereo is invented...

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Cover Artwork Remix of Edwin Starr War So back to the question that Mr Starr asks us in this famous song... 'War, huh... what is it good for?' Mr Starr replies, maybe rhetorically, 'absolutely nothing'. But this is patently not the case. War is exceptionally good for the many defense contractors who rely on sales to the defense forces to make their large profits. For these, often multi-mega-million dollar, companies, war is very good indeed. The other thing that war appears to be good for, is to get a whole bunch of highly attractive women to stand around wearing only a utility belt and carrying a gun. What the original purpose of this picture is us uncertain. Perhaps it was meant as an advertising promotion but do sexy women really sell guns? Perhaps. Perhaps it is porn for those fixated on military matters. But, and this is making wild and probably highly inaccurate speculation, those for whom military matters are a turn-on would probably regard the women as a highly inaccurate portrayal of real war and would prefer to see shabbily clad insurgent fighters. Whatever the reason, it makes for a top quality remake of the original cover.

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