I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton 

Original Cover Artwork of Eric Clapton I Shot The Sheriff Sometimes the name of an album or single inspires a remixed cover. Sometimes it is the original cover itself which demands a revised version to be produced. Sometimes, as is the case here, it is a random picture found whilst innocently trawling the Internet which forms the inspiration itself. Let's first look at the original cover which shows Eric Clapton standing with a guitar, and a beard. In good 1970s cover fashion the name of the song, I Shot The Sheriff, and of course Mr Clapton's name appear on the cover too. That's pretty much all there is to it and in itself the cover, or title of the song or artists would be insufficient to inspire any kind of album art remake.

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Original Cover Artwork of Eric Clapton I Shot The Sheriff Remix The inspiration in this case came from the picture that replaces that of Mr Clapton. In his place is a young lady, in a flimsy dress and high heels, carrying a whopping great gun. There are of course other songs which this picture could have been used to remix the cover of, but the question that shot immediately to mind was, 'who is it that she is looking to shoot?' The answer which immediately came to mind was, 'the sheriff, of course'. There are lots of other possibilities, and it is possible, of course, that she is just a model posing with the gun for publicity purposes (a bad move following recent events) and wasn't intending to shoot anyone. But artistic license permits all kinds of extrapolation and thus this particular remade cover was born. Following her shooting of the sheriff, she escaped by hiding the gun and her clothes (which had gunpowder residue on them) in a garbage can and running naked to her hideout several miles away. Sadly, no pictures of this part of her story are available.

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