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Original Cover Artwork of Paradise ColdplayMore mid-winter mayhem from those British boys Coldplay. This time their single Paradise is the focus of a remixed cover. This is one of those single covers that deserves to be remixed. It shows what exactly? Well, the words 'Coldplay' and 'Paradise' of course, but the rest of it is just some arty-farty nonsense that clearly means something to someone somewhere but doesn't do anything to convey coldness, playfulness of anyone's vision of what paradise might be like. Unless your idea of paradise is abstract blue-colored artwork. That being said, it is a great song though.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Paradise Coldplay In the tradition of remixing the cover, the cold playfulness is now bare for all to see in the form of a naked lady who seems very happy to be sprawled, in the nude, in the snow. The lady in question is a picture of paradise itself, well at least she's more like most men's idea of paradise than the blue splodges on the original cover. The question is this: if you look closely (surely you need no encouragement to do this), the snow that is strategically placed to cover her more personal bits looks fake. Whether anything else is fake is less certain but on very close inspection (go on, take a really close look) it may be that she is not in real snow at all and may not be playing in the cold. Does this make her any less of an angel of paradise?

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