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Original Cover Artwork of Yellow ColdplayOur Canadian friend Micheal Boob-lay presents lots of opportunities to play around with the artwork covering his singles and albums. It seems our British friends Coldplay offer a similarly wide range of opportunities. The twist here is in 'cold play', as in playing outside in the cold. Thankfully there are lots of songs to choose from, nearly as many as there are pictures of hot babes in cold snowy situations. It seems appropriate then, to start with one of Coldplay's earliest singles, Yellow. Their cover has a yellow flower on a yellow background. How inventive!

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Cover Artwork Remix of Yellow Coldplay So how do you fuse cold, play and the color yellow into an alternative picture. Well the obvious one is to have a sexy babe peeing in some snow and thereby turning it yellow. The problem here is that most such pictures contravene the 'Allbum.Art tits and bums only policy' (there is no such policy but the idea is not to make pornographic covers, just sexy, cheeky ones). So here is a girl, who is hot, naked and in the snow, and clearly desperate to pee. The yellow will therefore follow but she is obviously playing in the cold. More cold play remixed single and album covers to follow no doubt, especially while the winter weather leads naturally to thoughts of naked chicks playing in the snow.

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