U Girls (Look So Sexy) - Nush 
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Original Cover Artwork of Nush U GirlsThere aren't many songs with the words 'sexy' and 'girls' in the title and so it was a joy to find this 1994 single which, to be fair, is very obscure but does at least offer the chance for a really good remix of the cover artwork. The original cover has a girl in a t-shirt with the word Nush on it on an extreme close-up that only shows her chest. Beneath this is the title of the track U Girls (Look So Sexy). But there is only one girl on the cover, and she doesn't look that sexy either as all you can see is her freaking t-shirt, though it would appear that she may not be wearing a bra and thus there is a tempting but nonetheless obscured hint of a nipple (or two).

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Cover Artwork Remix of Nush U Girls The remixed version really does live up to the name of the song. Gone is the one t-shirt bedecked female, replaced by four girls who are totally naked, unless you count the pearl necklaces they are wearing (why they should all be wearing these is a mystery, perhaps they belong to some pearl-related cult). They could, of course, be wearing legwarmers and given their sexy gait, are most likely wearing high heels, but these are out of shot so it's not possible to tell. They definitely look so sexy as they all have super peachy asses. Does that make them Nush?

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