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Original Cover Artwork of Sugababes Girls Another entry submitted to us from a keen user of our remixed album art. This one comes from Dennie Macnamara from Belfast, Ireland. He says that the song Girls by the Sugababes is very popular in his country for a number of good reasons. Firstly, it's one of those anthems that girls like to show off to and when played in a nightclub often results in a lot of raunchy dancing. Secondly, the Sugababes are, he says, 'quite cute themselves'. And finally the title of the song is almost ideally placed for a remix into something different. The cover shows the three Sugababes who appear to be dancing about a bit - actually ticking all the boxes in that (a) it shows the Sugababes and (b) it shows girls - thereby fully fulfilling the function of the cover.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Sugababes Girls Dennie sent this remixed cover of which he says, 'I thought that the title Girls really should be accompanied by a cover which shows more than just the 3 Sugababes. Three girls is OK but if you were told that you were going to a party where there would be girls, you would expect more than 3. So I made this remixed version. There are 8 girls, which feels like a much better number and I wouldn't mind feeling any of the girls from amongst that number!' Well done Dennie, this is a good remix. It would be better still if the girls were 'dirty dancing' in the way that you say happens when this song is played in nightclubs where you live. Busty babes dancing topless can be a recipe for disaster, but this lot don't look energetic enough to cause any such disaster to occur.

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