Cold As Ice - Foreigner 

Original Cover Artwork of Foreigner Cold As Ice The cover of this 1977 single from soft rock legendeña¹ Foreigner looks like something that a college student has hand-drawn during their lunchbreak. It does appear to show the band members, but in almost cartoon form. Why they are wearing long raincoats and are stood amongst some old-style leather luggage is, frankly, neither clear, nor important. The color of their faces would not, at first glance, demonstrate any kind of low temperature environment being flushed with rosy cheeks. Even at a second glance, the solution to this anomoly does not reveal itself in any meaningful way. But then again, the lyrics of the song 'you're as cold as ice' suggest that it may not be the band themselves who are chilly, but the person (presumably female) that they are singing about.

¹ legendeña is esperanto for not-quite-legends

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Cover Artwork Remix of Foreigner Cold As Ice The Internet, of course, can find anything even a long lost picture of a freezing cold girl being song about by a soft rock bandoola². And here she is - the girl that Foreigner are singing about. The Internet tells us that her name is Glacia and, common sense tells us that she is literally, as cold as ice. This is not because she has mutated genes which enable her body temperature to sink to 32F, but instead that someone has mistakenly left her standing in an ice cold field with no clothes on, or at least none that are visible. It seems much more appropriate that the cover for the single should feature Glacia than it should the band themselves and this is exactly what this revision of the artwork depicts. Cold As Ice? Definitely.

² bandoola is esperanto for almost-worthy-of-being-called-a-classic-band

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