Rain - Madonna 

Original Cover Artwork of Madonna Rain The Madonna song Rain was released in 1993 and was taken from her album Erotica. The album was published together with a book called Sex which showed Ms Ciccone in many shades of undress but this is not reflected in the cover for this single. The cover for Rain has a picture from Ms Ciccone singing in front of a microphone. There is no evidence of precipiation on the cover whatsoever. This is obviously because the picture was taken indoors and whilst it was raining outdoors, this is not apparent due to the intervening walls. At about this time, Madonna appeared to be very into Japanese culture and the picture is therefore most likely to have been taken on the stage in a Karaoke bar which is perhaps why it is a little blurry.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Madonna Rain The song remains very popular in Japan to this day and is often sung in karaoke bars including the increasingly popular naked karaoke bars (such as the 'Lamp Turtle Song House' bar in Tokyo). In the revised cover, the picture of Ms Ciccone has clearly had her go at singing and the next singer has taken the stage. Whether this is at the Lamp Turtle Song House or a different naked karaoke bar is unclear, however what is clear is that the new singer is naked (or at least is most likely to be as there is no evidence of clothing). Again, the question of whether or not it is raining does not have a definitive answer but if it was raining when Ms Ciccone was on stage and this is the next singer, unless it was a very short, sharp shower, the downfall outside must still be continuing.

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