Chiquitita - ABBA 

Original Cover Artwork of Abba Chiquitita The cover from this 1978 single by Swedish songsters ABBA has their pictures on it. That ticks a great big box. But there remains one enormous problem with the cover and with the single itself. The cover does not explain what the fück a Chiquitita actually is. The lyrics are veiled in mystery with lines such as 'shine once more, like you did before'. Thankfully the guy who sits three doors down says he speaks Swedish and claims that 'chiq' is just Swedish for 'chic' and that 'tita' (which apparently should be written 'titå' but presumably has been simplified for English speaking audiences) means tits.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Abba Chiquitita To help those who don't speak Swedish to understand the song, it would be much more useful if the cover contained a picture of 'chiq's showing us their 'titå', then those crazy Swedes and their off-beat lyrics would be much easier to understand. Of course, that can be fixed, and on the new cover we see two chiqs who are obviously Swedish because they appear to be naked, they are in a sauna, and just like ABBA, one of them is a blonde and the other a brunette. And the fact that they are naked means we can see their titå.

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P.S. A guy a bit further down the corridor claims that Chiquitita is Spanish for 'little girl' but this makes no sense and so the Swedish translation will, from hereforth, be adopted as the only true meaning.
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