Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen 

Original Cover Artwork of Fat Bottomed Girls Queen If ever there was a single made specially to suit AllBum.Art it has to be Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race. The single was a double A side. In this case A most exquisitely stands for ass and even British pop legends Queen picked up on the irony of their choice of songs for this double A side and placed a picture of a fat bottomed girl riding a bicycle on their cover. There's not really much that can be done to criticize this rather fetching cover, but that does not mean that there isn't an opportunity to modernize it in true AllBum.Art fashion.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Fat Bottomed Girls Queen So the question is simply, should the focus be on the fat bottomed nature of the girls sung about, or the bicycle race. Or, as Queen had it, should both be included. In the end, the decision made itself when a Manga character riding a bike appeared in an inappropriately destined Google search and thus the new cover was born. The original 1970s fat bottomed girl has been replaced by a spanking new 2010s version who, though not necessarily having a particularly fat bottom, and who is not strictly a girl (being after all, a cartoon character) is most definitely worthy of a place on the cover of the single. If only all drawings were so delicious, let alone there being such delightful creatures in real life!

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