Sweets For My Sweet - CJ Lewis 

Original Cover Artwork of Cj Lewis Sweets For My Sweet The cover for CJ Lewis's 1994 cover version of The Drifters classic Sweets For My Sweet appeared on the radar thanks to an e-mail from Reg Spineby of England (whose Samantha Fox cover is featured on the site). Reg says that he long wondered what the connection is between the song and the picture of the lady flashing (what exactly?) at Mr Lewis on the cover of the single. Reg says that as far as he knows, none of the words sweet, sugar or honey (which all appear in the song) are English slang for 'lift up your skirt and show me what's underneath', though Reg does admit to not being 100% sure of whether such slang may have existed in the 1990s.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Cj Lewis Sweets For My Sweet That was the 1990s, and things have moved on since then in many different ways. Firstly, whatever English slang may have been trying to say, it would now be just as easy to say to the lady in question, 'lift up your skirt and show us what's underneath' as Reg tells us that such language is now commonplace in English nightclubs. In the updated cover for the song, the lady has continued to remove her clothes and to flash things at Mr Lewis. Mr Lewis himself has also changed, as has the color of his couch, but it's likely that the original one from the 1990s is now rather decrepit. It is still not 100% clear what the lady is attempting to show Mr Lewis but one thing is certain, she has a mighty fine ass.

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