9 To 5 - Sheena Easton 

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Original Cover Artwork of Sheena Easton 9 To 5 Welcome back to work after the holiday season. And to get back into the mood, here's a song about going to work. A number 1 hit from Scottish songstress Sheena Easton 9 To 5 (which we know best as Morning Train) is all about that monotonous daily grind. Ms Easton is perhaps best know for becoming arm candy for Prince. It's all too easy to forget that she was an artist in her own right. The cover sees Ms Easton in a pink raincoat stood by a clock. Why the raincoat? Who is to say. The question that does matter, is what exactly is she wearing under the raincoat?

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Cover Artwork Remix of Sheena Easton 9 To 5 Wonder no more as AllBum.Art reveal the answer. In fact there's more than just the answer revealed but also the fact that under the pink raincoat, there is nothing and everything to show. Nothing in the sense that there's nothing underneath the raincoat, as opposed to nothing to see. Everything in the sense that there's everything you might expect to see. The oddness of this is that in opening the raincoat a little to give a peek of what lies beneath, Ms Easton's hair and make-up also seem to have changed, as has her body shape. No matter, it's a little clearer to understand what Prince saw in her now.

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