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Original Cover Artwork of Madonna Vogue "Strike A Pose". Those were the instructions that Madonna gave us in her 1990 single Vogue. On the cover we see Ms Ciccone striking some kind of pose, though one which most visibly suggest that she is suffering from some kind of back pain. The video for Vogue is much more true to the concept of 'vogueing' with dancers flailing their hands around in a wild and weird fashion before freezing in whatever position they end up in when Ms Ciccone instructs them to. What is also evident from the video is that you should be wearing a see-through top with no bra, or as with the cover of the single, a corset and stockings, when vogueing (and that goes for both sexes).

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Cover Artwork Remix of Madonna Vogue Here we see four ladies who have taken the idea of vogueing to a new level. Gone are the see-through tops and lack of bra, they have foregone the corset and stockings, in fact other than shoes and socks (which are not visible in the picture and thus we can not tell whether they are wearing any), they have foregone all clothing in the hope of achieving the ultimate vogue pose. Unfortunately for them, it appears that at the moment that Ms Ciccone gave them the instruction to 'Strike A Pose', the poses they were left striking, were not. Not striking that is. Which is a shame, as they look like they are capable of striking a striking pose if they posed differently to the pose they are posing in the picture.

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