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Original Cover Artwork of Pilot January Do you remember this one? Chances are you didn't but there are very few songs with months in their title, and as it's January, this song from Scottish songsters Pilot, aptly called January, fits the bill nicely. It didn't, though, fit the billboard nicely, but did make number 1 in Pilot's home country. As for the cover, well it's nice to put a face to a name, or so they say. We get to see the four boys from Pilot though it seems that some kind of blue haze has overtaken Scotland, either that, or they are wearing so much denim that the fumes from their jeans and jackets have filled the air and turned everything blue. Blue in a colored sense that is, not blue in a linguistic sense. Don't ya love those 1970s hairstyles?

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Cover Artwork Remix of Pilot January Across the pond, as our Scottish friends would call it, things in January are a lot less blue in the colored sense and more blue in a linguistic sense, as the boys have been replaced by four rather chilly looking ladies. Being January, it's no surprise that there's snow on the ground. And it's no surprise that they're looking chilly, especially as they seem to have lost most of their clothes. Perhaps they're silly and chilly and somehow thought that coming out in the snow in just their bikini bottoms was a normal thing to do. Perhaps they are, in fact, hardy Scottish types, though none of them have particularly bad hair styles or ginger hair. Whether they sound like Scotty from Star Trek is difficult to tell without hearing them speak. There must surely be plenty of men lining up to listen to them in those outfits who could tell us though.

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