Happy New Year - ABBA 

Original Cover Artwork of Aba Happy New Year Hey, hey, time to stop all those silly Christmas songs and get back to work. Maybe not quite. First it's time for New Years Eve parties with all that that entails. This cover is from Swedish songster ABBA's 1980 song Happy New Year. We have the lovely message from the band, wishing us all the best with their signatures and some lovely pictures of them although they look a bit glum. Over here, New Year parties rarely look so serene, though maybe they do in Sweden? Perhaps it's so cold up in the north of Europe, near the arctic circle that being glum is something that happens all winter. Poor ABBA.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Aba Happy New Year Back here, New Years Eve parties are, with the possible exception of Christmas parties, the time to socialize to the max, to drink every last drop of alcohol left over from the festive season and to do whatever you want. Firstly no-one will even notice as they are all too sozzled to see straight, and secondly, if you did do anything embarrassing, you can just claim that (a) you were drunk and don't remember what you did and (b) the acccusator was also drunk and couldn't possibly be remembering correctly what they had seen. That is obviously what is happening with these girls in the revised cover.

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P.S. Following the logic of the above, do not invite tea-totallers to New Year parties, especially if you intend to dance topless with your friends with a glass in your hand. They WILL remember!
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