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Original Cover Artwork of Moneyshot Cosmonauts Pink Christmas What the F...? Who or what are the Moneyshot Cosmonauts? And anyhow, shouldn't out and out commie barstewards be locked up in a Guantanamo prison and never let out? That's not a very christian approach to love and peace is it? If you don't know who the Moneyshot Cosmonauts are, use your noggin and Google or Bing or Bong them or whatever it takes. What you will find is their cover of the Pink song So What, with Christmassy lyrics that they call Pink Christmas. The artwork for this song though has two main flaws: (1) It's not Christmassy and (2) It's not pink. Of course, that can be rectified...

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Cover Artwork Remix of Moneyshot Cosmonauts Pink Christmas So now we have a nice combination of pinkness and Christmassiness and artwork sanity has been restored to full festive force. But compared to the likes of Bing Crosby, why has this very obscure song been singled our for such important treatment. Isn't it blatantly obvious? What else could be done with this picture of the naked lady in pink gloves and a white fur scarf? There are very few songs that involve both pinkness and Christmassiness that could serve as a platform for the revelation of this pretty pink perky person. That, and the Christmas beer talking.

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