Christmas - Michael Bublé 

Original Cover Artwork of Michael Buble Christmas Micheal, Michael, Michael. Why, oh why, oh why, do you insist on calling yourself Boob Lay? It makes for the easiest jokes on your album covers of all time. This 2011 album, unexcitedly called Christmas has the Canadian crooner's caramel voice pouring over slinky silky Christmas songs. And what picture do we get for our hard earned dollars? Well, none other than Mr Bublé himself who appears to have bought a Christmas present for someone or other and is attempting to deliver it in the middle of a snow-storm. Not a sensible move, but then again probably a quicker way to get things delivered than using the Canadian postal system which, as everyone knows, is actually run by penguins.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Michael Buble Christmas It seems just too easy to replace Mr Bublé's cover with an alternative. But easy is simple and simple is quick and easy. And so Mr Bublé has been replaced by a very (very) busty lady who is wearing a Christmas hat and a Christmas jacket of some kind and may even have been wearing a Christmas bra (which might even have been to Canadian seasonal standards). However her boobs are so large that whatever she was wearing seems to have been unable to hold them and now they just lay there in front of her. Hence we now have an album that can rightly be called Christmas with Micheal Boob Lay. Voila (as they say in Montréal).

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