Christmas Time - Bryan Adams 

Original Cover Artwork of Bryan Adams Christmas Time It seems that so many Festive songs were recorded in the 1970s and 1980s. This 1985 hit comes to us courtesy of Mr Bryan Adams, who is Canadian. The song Christmas Time reached number 4 in the Billboard charts. Like so many songs of this era, it also suffers from a primary problem. In this case, we can see no evidence of Mr Adams himself, nor any evidence of its Canadian origin. In fact, the single cover artwork is very dull indeed and tells us nothing other than that the song is called Christmas Time and that it is by Mr Bryan Adams. The piece of holly and the simulated snowflakes, although adding some air of Christmassiness, do little to sell the single.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Bryan Adams Christmas Time As you will now be aware, if you have been following the re-makes of Christmas artwork on AllBum.Art, it is law, in Canada, that at this time of year, women should wear red bikinis trimmed with white fur. It is appropriate then, that the cover should contain a picture of a lady in such an outfit. Appropriate but perhaps a little plain. Instead we see a lady who would be arrested in Canada as her costume lacks the obligatory white fur trim. It also seems that she lacks any sense as she is sat on a table and is holding her panties in her teeth. Maybe someone could let her know that they belong on her bottom which will otherwise get cold. Tut, tut.

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