The Wedding Album - Duran Duran 

Original Cover Artwork of Duran Duran Wedding Album This album art from the 1993 album by British rocksters Duran Duran very much plays to the title of the album which is 'The Wedding Album'. The photos on the cover are most definitely taken at a wedding of some kind, though they appear to be much older than the album itself, looking as if they are from the 1950s rather than the 1990s. Then again, perhaps people in Britain still cling to some outdated traditions (such as 'chips and fish') as with their Canadian brethren. In fact, it could very much be that the pictures are from 1990s Canada, as they look as if they could be from another age gone by and lost in the mists of some lakes or something of that nature.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Duran Duran Wedding Album It is well known that in their heyday Duran Duran attracted many an attractive lady or two to their concerts and later back stage. It is fitting that the revised version of the cover for their Wedding Album contains pictures of those kind of ladies (whatever 'those kind' are) dressed variously, or undressed variously, in wedding outfits of various kinds. Whether or not lead singer Simon Le Bon would be attracted to ladies of this kind back then, back stage or anywhere else is unknown, however it seems unlikely that Mr Le Bon, being an English gentleman (though with a strange French name) would deny any of these ladies some chips and fish if they asked for it (which they seem to be doing).

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