My Old Piano - Diana Ross 

Original Cover Artwork of Diana Ross My Old Piano Ah, the old piano of Ms Diana Ross. Probably worth a fortune. But alas, it does not appear on the cover of this 1980 single by the erstwhile Ms Ross. What can have happened to it? Perhaps the piano in question is in the photograph that has been used for the cover of the single, but that the artwork director (or whoever it was that was responsible for the design) has used such a close-up of Ms Ross that the piano is lost so far in the background that it is no longer visible. Is it, perhaps, a grand piano, or something smaller. Or could it have been a state-of-the-art electronical piano that could plug directly into a recording desk? In the words of Ms Ross, 'I have a ball with My Old Piano', so perhaps it is somehow broken and needs the ball to fix it which is why it is not in the picture.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Diana Ross My Old Piano The updated single cover sees Ms Ross replaced by another lady, who, as far as is evident from the facts at hand, could equally be called Ms Ross, but probably isn't. The new lady (Ms Ross or otherwise) is sat on a piano stool with a piano behind her, now clearly visible in the picture. It seems, though, that the piano in question is not particularly old, though old is of course a relative term. It is doubtful that the lady is actually planning to play the piano - in those heels? In fact, in those heels it is doubtful that she is capable of doing anything very productive, even walking, which is perhaps why she is sat on the piano stool.

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