Hanging On The Telephone - Blondie 

Original Cover Artwork of Blondie Hanging On The Telephone What is it with Ms Debbie Harry and her band Blondie that they feel the need to sing songs that are so often connected with telephony apparatus. In this 1978 song, we find Ms Harry 'Hanging On The Telephone'. And once again, the person responsible for putting together the artwork for the cover of the single has missed the fact that the song is about telephones and that no telephone is present. Ms Harry seems to be stood around waiting for something, but the phone that she should be holding is completely absent from the picture. She doesn't seem very patient in her waiting as her pose suggests that she is by now quite fed up with being on the end of the line, not that the line is visible.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Blondie Hanging On The Telephone In this revised version of the cover for the single, Ms Harry has disappeared but has been replaced by another lady. In this case, it seems that the lady had just got out of the shower or maybe was in the middle of getting changed to go out and did not have time to get properly dressed before the phone rang. Now she is hanging on the end of the line waiting for someone or other and may be getting quite cold in the process, given her abject lack of clothing. The inclusion of the actual telephone on the cover, however, now provides a much better illustration of what Ms Harry is singing about and provides a much greater incentive to call the lady concerned than did the original artwork.

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