Call Me - Spagna 

Original Cover Artwork of Call Me Spagna What would you know? Blondie were not the only band to have a hit with a song called Call Me in the 1980s. Italian pop princess (or weirdo by the look of her) Spagna (short for Spaghetti with Lasagna apparently) had a song of the very same name. It seems rather possible that the people responsible for producing the cover art for Spagna's song were as hopeless as those responsible for the artwork for Blondie's song as, guess what, there is no telephone in sight. How are we supposed to call Spaghasagna to tell her that she is supposed to eat pasta, not use it as some kind of hair product? It may also be the case that she has used Bolognese sauce for lipstick and as for the rest of her make-up, clearly Italy was not the place to be for good looking women in the late 80s.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Call Me Spagna The new cover for Spagnettina (or whatever she is called) now has the critical factor in that the lady in the picture is holding a telephone in her hand. She appears to be listening to something - perhaps someone has left her a voicemail message. What is a bit odd, is the fact that all her clothes appear to have fallen off. Either that, or she never put any clothes on in the morning. Perhaps she has bad amnesia and the call is from her boyfriend (looking like that she must surely have one) to remind her to get dressed before dashing out of the house to go and work in the local restaurant. Whatever, we should probably be grateful for her amnesia otherwise we would not have this view of her magnificent boobs. Is there any other word for them?

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