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Original Cover Artwork of Call Me Blondie Despite it still being December, the Christmas theme has been temporarily paused to deal with lots of songs to do with telephones. This 1980 song from New York new wave popsters Blondie is called Call Me. Not 'maybe' but definitely. The cover sees Debbie Harry (later called Deborah Harold for some reason) sitting on the floor in what can only be presumed to be a black leather jacket. There is a key element missing from this cover, and that is any sign of a telephone. How can a song be called 'Call Me' without a telephone or some other type of communication apparatus being visible with which to make the call? The mind boggles at the lack of imagination of those responsible for preparing the singles cover artwork of the 1980s.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Call Me Blondie The revised version does not, in case you were wondering, feature a photograph of the previously mentioned Ms Harry/Harold/Whatever. Instead a young lady is pictured but very very importantly for a song called Call Me, she is holding a telephone. For some reason, all of her clothes seem to have fallen off and it it was not for the rather large 1980s telephone that she is holding in her hand, we would know far too much about the shaving habits of this poor girl. Actually, there is no reason to suppose that she is poor, and indeed anyone who had a telephone in the 1980s and could afford to hold lengthy conversations whilst naked, was perhaps better off than her lack of available clothes would lead you to presuppose.

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