Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson 

Original Cover Artwork of Call Me Maybe Carly Rae J Was this the best (selling) song of 2012? Was this the most popular song of 2012? Who knows? Someone does! Carly Rae Jepson's epic pop song Call Me Maybe was certainly heard on every radio station across the country, even those who only play country, such was it's popularity. The cover sees Ms Jepson squatting down in a pair of shorts and tan colored high heel shoes. She also wears this outfit in the video which is a cutesy story of how she is keen for some guy to call her and tries to give him her number, only to discover that he is gay and that he is more interested in the band's drummer than in her. Maybe she didn't try hard enough with her outfit and had she worn something a little sexier, she might have secured the affections of the male.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Call Me Maybe Carly Rae J Clearly the lady on the revised cover of Call Me Maybe is not Ms Jepson, and nor does she have the same kind of cutesy teenager-in-love look. What she does appear to have are some rather large and fulsome boobs which are only covered by the cord of the telephone handset. In fact the whole of her seems to only have the twirly cord for cover. That and a strategically placed hand and the rather retro looking telephone itself. Now this is much more like the kind of outfit to wear if you are going to tempt some hopelessly bisexual guy to put down the drummer and make a beeline for you. Don't you think?

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