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Original Cover Artwork of Wham Last Christmas As it's December, the Holiday theme is continuing right on with another of those songs that only comes out at this time of year. Last Christmas by British group Wham! sees George Michael and his buddy rueing the fact that last year they gave their hearts to someone or other, but the next day those self-same hearts were given away. Presumably to charity. Anyhow, this year, to save them from tears, they are going to give them to someone special. Presumably last year's recipient was not special which was what caused the problem in the first place. The cover sees the Wham! duo dressed in festive outfits (one as a reindeer and the other in the usual Santa lookalike kit) holding presents in the snow. How Christmassy.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Wham Last Christmas What we see in the updated version are the recipients of last year's hearts. It is reasonably clear to see why the Wham! boys were attracted to these two ladies and what might therefore have caused them to give their hearts away. It is also not too difficult to see that they are also not particularly special, and have the kind of smile which just screams, "Don't give me your heart, you idiot, because I will take it to the charity outlet as soon as the sun rises." You can tell they're not that special as their Holiday outfits are green and not red, which is both erroneous (only elves where green, humans should wear red) and would have jarred badly with the boys' outfits.

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