The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole 

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Original Cover Artwork of Nat King Cole The Xmas Song As the Holiday season is fast approaching, it seems right to focus on seasonal songs, especially those that have stood the test of time. The Christmas Song, first recorded by Mr Nat King Cole in 1946 is one of those Christmas classics. Everyone knows the lyrics which revolve around Mr King Cole roasting chestnuts on an open fire. It is note clear whose chestnuts he is roasting (they could be his own or that of a guest who has called in to visit and brought them along), but the idea of an open fire and the chocolatey smooth voice of Mr Cole at Christmas time is enough to warm anyone's chestnuts.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Nat King Cole The Xmas Song Through extensive research, it appears that it was in fact a rather sexy model whose chestnuts Mr King was attempting to roast. This alternative cover for the single shows the real situation. It is also possible that the chestnuts are metaphorical and are a saucy reference to the nuts on this lady's chest which are perilously close to the open fire such that they will no doubt be getting roasting hot. Then again, one suspects that in the presence of this lady, most things will get roasting hot. On the other hand, without the open fire, one wonders whether she would be racing to display her chestnuts as amply as she is doing here.

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