Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee 

Original Cover Artwork of Rockin Round The Xmas TreeContinuin' with the Christmas theme, this time it is the turn of that Holiday classic, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. Though many versions of the song have been recorded over the years, this particular artwork is taken from the 1957 version sung by Brenda Lee, which many consider to be the original. In this cover, we see Ms Lee herself in a green dress set against a green background - not particularly inventive as color schemes go. It is fair to say that she doesn't look as if she is particularly full of seasonal spirit. But perhaps in Georgia from where Ms Lee originates, wearing a pretty dress is as much as anyone can afford to do and the idea of Santa hats or elf outfits is beyond folks' everyday means.

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Original Cover Artwork of Rockin Round The Xxmas TreeIn the revised single cover we see two ladies who are most definitely filled with the spirit of the season. This is evident as they appear to be sat in front of a Christmas tree in only their bikinis, playing in the snow. Without a bit of seasonal spirit to help keep them warm, one would expect them to seek somewhere less chilly to have their photos taken. Red bikinis with white fur are often popular in December, especially in Canada where they are obligatory for all women who are both under the age of 25 and under 125 pounds in weight. This law was enacted in 1925 and is known locally as the 25-25-125 rule. Although now somewhat outmoded, it is still popular and has defied attempts by the modern day legislature to nullify it.

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