Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics 

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Original Cover Artwork of Sweet Dreams EurythmicsTo be brutal, Annie Lennox the lead singer of the Eurythmics, has always had a face that would cause nightmares more than it would 'Sweet Dreams'; her scary, androgynous looks being more akin to salt and vinegar chips than smooth silky chocolate. There are, of course, those who like salt and vinegar chips and in the words of Ms Lennox herself in this 1983 single, ‘Who am I do disagree?’ But the picture of Ms Lennox on cover, no matter how small, does not elicit dreams of the sugary kind. Notwithstanding Ms Lennox’s acerbic charm, Mr Dave Stewart her partner in the band who is not, thankfully, shown on the cover, would add little by the way of counterbalancing flavour, being similar in visage to an unfashionable porcupine.

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Cover Artwork Remix of Sweet Dreams Eurythmics The revised cover is definitely something that ‘sweet dreams are made of’. Sugar and spice and all things nice. Almost. But surely even the biggest sucrophobe¹ would have to admit that the selection of desserts is highly tempting. In the song Ms Lennox points out that ‘Everybody is Looking for Something’. The meaning of this is now much more apparent. Whilst some may seek one particular type of sucrolytic² satisfaction through, for example, the medium of cake, others may find similar satisfaction in buns or tarts. Paradoxically, tarts seem to be more favoured by men who like to try many different kinds until they find one they like, whereas buns are more often preferred by females who will often test to see how firm they are before deciding which one to take.

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¹ A ‘sucrophobe’ is someone who dislikes sugary things. ‘Sucro’ is taken from ‘sucrose’ meaning sugar, and ‘phobe’ is short for ‘phobia’ meaning ‘an irrational fear or aversion to something’.

² ‘Sucrolytic’ means ‘causing pleasurable collapse through sucrorial³ intake’. ‘Sucro’ is taken from ‘sucrose’ meaning sugar, and ‘lytic’ means ‘something that causes one to break down or become loose.

³ ‘Sucrorial’ means ‘relating to or connected with sucrose (sugar)’.
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