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Original Cover Artwork of Midnight Star Midas Touch It is great to receive submissions from people who are getting the hang of what AllBum.Art is all about. This one is from two ladies who call themselves 'Ms Holly Da Yin' and 'Ms Mary Ott'. They were rather bored by the cover for the 1986 cover of the single 'Midas Touch' by Midnight Star. The black cover with red lettering and the addition of a tiny amount of gold, did not seem, to them, to reflect the notion that 'everything' that was touched 'turned to gold'. Surely, in such a situation, the single cover itself would be completely gold (and anyone who bought it would now be very rich, given the rise in gold prices in recent years).

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Cover Artwork Remix of Midnight Star Midas Touch Ms Da Yin and Ms Ott instead fused the original cover with that of a picture of Ms Paris Hilton (a made-up name if ever there was one) who had been turned to gold. All her surroundings have also turned to gold, though it seems that the gold is still in a liquid state meaning that the temperature would have had to have been over 1,000°C. Although some regard Ms Hilton as 'hot', at this kind of temperature, surely even she would have been burned to a frazzle. Regardless of this strange contradiction, Ms Da Yin and Ms Ott are to be congratulated on their fine contribution and awarded a gold star for their efforts.

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