Summer Of '69 - Bryan Adams 
Monday, 14 July, 2014, 05:14 - Singles Of The 1980s, Summer Sizzlers
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bryan adams summer of 69 remixbryan adams summer of 69 1Which song better reflects the glory of summers gone than Summer Of '69 by Bryan Adams? Perhaps none. But the original cover of the single gives no indication of what the summer of that particular year might have looked like. Now there are obvious remixes of covers with the number sixty-nine in them that we could have chosen but instead we have found a picture that could not be more relevant if it tried. In it we see a naked babe, on a beach, with a six-string as Mr Adams laments about in the opening line to the song. And why is this so relevant? The fact that the picture was taken in 1969! Indisputable!
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Sun Is Shining - Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar De Luxe 
Sunday, 13 July, 2014, 05:07 - Singles Of The 1990s, Summer Sizzlers
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bob marley funkstar sun sh2bob marley funkstar sun sh3bob marley funkstar sun shi
bob marley funkstar sun sh4bob marley funkstar sun sh5Wowser! Four remixes of the same cover. Whaaat! Yes, it's true, when we came to remix the cover of the single Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar De Luxe, we got completely torn for choice over exactly what the remix should look like. And rather than us decide, we here at AllBum.Art have provided the original (showing Mr Marley but very little sun, other than a tiny picture of a beach in the top right corner) and four possible alternative covers for you to choose from, all featuring sexy black babes that we feel Mr Marley would have definitely approved of. Indecisive!
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Let The Sun Shine Thru - Richard F Featuring Samantha Stocks 
Saturday, 12 July, 2014, 05:01 - Singles Of The 2000s, Summer Sizzlers
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richard f samantha stocks let the sun shine thru 2richard f samantha stocks let the sun shine thru 1A song so obscure that it doesn't even have a proper single cover, Let The Sun Shine Thru is an uplifting summer sound that deserves to be better known, even if Richard F Feat. Samantha Stocks remain locked away in the production studio. To help them, we have remixed the cover to let the sun truly shine thru by way of a sexy babe in a bikini that not only leaves little to the imagination but also shows just where the sun might shine if only the bikini were not there. Skintite!
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Stranger On The Shore - Mr Acker Bilk 
Friday, 11 July, 2014, 05:53 - Singles Of The 1960s, Summer Sizzlers
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mr acker bilk stranger 2mr acker bilk stranger 1We're very much enjoying our summer vacation and all of the remixes associated with it. As it is, we are lounging on the shore and who should walk past us but some sexy stranger. And of course, that is almost certainly what Mr Acker Bilk had in mind when he penned Stranger On The Shore. Unfortunately the cover of his 1961 single does not reflect this, but our remix does. Sandy!
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Lovely Day - Bill Withers 
Thursday, 10 July, 2014, 05:35 - Singles Of The 1970s, Summer Sizzlers
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bill withers lovely day remixbill withers lovely day 1Waking up in the morning. Sun shining. Water glistening. You just know it's going to be a Lovely Day, and what better song to get you going on such a day as this one by Bill Withers. Oddly, on the original cover we see Mr Withers amongst a menagerie of animals. Thankfully, on the remixed cover we see the same animals but also the sun shining, the water glistening and wouldn't you know it, a topless babe to top it off. Now that really is a lovely day to wake up to. Twinkle!
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Shined On Me - Praise Cats Featuring Andrea Love 
Wednesday, 9 July, 2014, 05:29 - Singles Of The 2000s, Summer Sizzlers
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praise cats shined on me 2praise cats shined on me 1What could be more summery than having the sun shining down on your body. Well although Shined On Me by Praise Cats Feat. Andrea Love sums up this sunny disposition well, the cover does not. It seems that someone is hiding behind a dark curtain. Hardly very shiny. Thank goodness for the remixed cover artwork, where we see someone who fits the 'sun shining down on their body' description far better. Rainbow!
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Beach Baby - The First Class 
Tuesday, 8 July, 2014, 05:23 - Singles Of The 1970s, Summer Sizzlers
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the first class beach baby remixthe first class beach baby 1Do you remember back in old L.A.? Apparently The First Class do in their 1970s song Beach Baby which very much mimics the style of the Beach Boys. But oddly, the band are from England so how they know about 'all American babes' is not clear. Neither is the cover which looks suspiciously English. Thankfully we have been able to remix it to bring back the beach and whether the girl is American or English, she is definitely a babe. Atlantic!
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Hot Fun In The Summertime - Sly And The Family Stone 
Monday, 7 July, 2014, 05:00 - Singles Of The 1960s, Summer Sizzlers
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sly family stone hot fun summertime remixsly family stone hot fun summertime 1We're still in a sunny mood, remixing covers of those 'summer sizzlers' that are made for beaches, pools, lakes and anywhere that a bikini is the right thing to wear. Here we have Sly And The Family Stone with their 1969 song Hot Fun In The Summertime. It's not clear why there is hot fun to be had on the original cover. On the remix, it's very clear (if a little fuzzy). Three naked babes. Now where did their bikinis go? Lost!
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Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves 
Sunday, 6 July, 2014, 10:36 - Singles Of The 1980s, Summer Sizzlers
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katrina waves walking on sunshine 1katrina waves walking on sunshine remix 2katrina waves walking on sunshine remix 3
What were Katrina And The Waves thinking when they put together the cover for their summer classic Walking On Sunshine? Of course, what could be more reminiscent of the sunshine than a black and white picture of the band members looking blankly at each other. Oddly, we couldn't decide what to show on the remixes either so there are two for you to enjoy. In the first we see a babe walking naked on a sunny beach. On the second we see a babe walking naked into the sea on a sunny beach. Which do you prefer? Hot to trot!
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Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran 
Saturday, 5 July, 2014, 05:27 - Singles Released Before 1960, Summer Sizzlers
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eddie cochran summertime blues 2eddie cochran summertime blues 1There ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues, at least according to Eddie Cochran there ain't. But that might be because Mr Cochran chooses to ignore what is going on behind him. As he stares forlornly into the distance, guitar in his hand, it seems he has completely neglected to notice that in the setting sun purple haze behind him appears to be a naked babe standing on a beach. Crazy!
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